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Lab Spring Season 2022

The Lab is Theatre Royal Plymouth’s smallest space and a place for
exploration and experimentation. Often situated in the Lab, our Talent
Development Programme seeks to support the most exciting artists,
companies and creatives in making the theatre of tomorrow.

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Tue 12 – Thurs 14 April 2022

Created by Dylan Frankland & Madeleine Allardice

Have we forgotten how to socialise? During the past 18 months we’ve all had to avoid human interaction.

Here at Kill The Cat HQ we’ve been examining the human population and reckon we all need a little help re-adjusting, so, don’t worry we’re here to help: prepare yourself for a once in a lifetime “social” event. TALK is a social-scientific-experimental-game-show-installation-theatre-extravaganza.

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Fri 15 – Sat 16 April 2022

By Rosie Race

Directed by Katie Villa

Ever been love-struck?
We have.
And it hurt.
This is about what happens behind closed doors when you love a little too much.
It is about the slippery line between care and abuse, the colossal strength it takes to break free and the potential danger in doing so.
Us Against The World is an absurd and sometimes funny reminder that the greatest betrayal is forgetting yourself.

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Tue 19 – Thurs 21 April 2022

By Danny Laine

‘Did anyone ever ask you… when you were a child? ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’See, I never had an answer. Did anyone here ever want to be an Astronaut?’

Danny is thinking about Space.
Danny is thinking about Messages.
Danny is thinking about Death.
In 2014 Danny was given a box from across time.
Now It’s time to see what is inside.

Orphan planet is an autobiographical Theatre piece combining real stories, once lost/now found family footage and space exploration. All to try and answer the question of how to live with grief.
What would you want to be remembered by?

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