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Specialising in the production of new plays, and with a national reputation for presenting the best and most innovative new work and collaborations, The Drum offers a multitude of exceptional experiences and performances for theatre goers of all ages.

We’re thrilled to be showcasing our first full season in The Drum since 2019, and to celebrate, we’re offering you 25% off Price Band A seats, while they last!

Simply log in to your online account and apply the promo code DRUMROLL25 before selecting your seats.

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Also booking now! The Lab – Autumn Season 2022

The Lab is Theatre Royal Plymouth’s smallest space and a place for exploration and experimentation. Our Talent Development Programme seeks to support the most exciting artists, companies and creatives in making the theatre of tomorrow.

This Autumn we’re thrilled to present six exceptional new shows from some incredible talent. Don’t miss them! Tickets from £7.


Ts & Cs: Offer applies 25% discount to full price tickets in Price Band A for all productions in The Drum. Offer Expires at 11:59pm on Monday 31st October 2022. Subject to availability, cannot be used retrospectively or in conjunction with any other offer.

Dead Body in Taos

Dead Body In Taos

Tue 18 - Sat 22 Oct 2022

Set against the backdrop of modern America, A Dead Body in Taos is part mystery, part sci-fi epic and part love story, that leaves the audience wondering whether, in the 21st Century, freedom is something we should run to or escape from.

A Dead Body in Taos is co-commissioned by Fuel, Theatre Royal Plymouth and Warwick Arts Centre with support from Bristol Old Vic. The work is supported by Arts Council England and produced by Fuel.

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EKO - Kurt Hentschläger

Wed 26 - Sat 29 Oct 2022

EKO is the third composition in an ongoing body of work staged in darkness created by New York based artist Kurt Hentschläger. Erasing the audience’s perceptual boundaries, the absolute absence of light is interrupted for only fractions of seconds with bursts of micro-animated geometric forms emanating from a hidden in the dark LED wall display. Returning again to darkness, abundant retinal afterimage impressions unravel within each viewer’s eyes, slowly fading and fusing with the surrounding darkness until the eventual next eruption of light.

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Mon 31 Oct - Wed 02 Nov 2022

Breathless is a funny, honest and stylish exploration of the knife-edge of hoarding, from the joy to the addiction and suffocating shame. From Laura Horton, Plymouth Laureate of Words, own experience of clothes hoarding.

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Superstition Mountain

Superstition Mountain

Thu 03 - Sat 05 Nov 2022

The three Gunwallow brothers from St Day are in a bit of bother.  Slim’s scrapyard business has gone pear-shaped, while Dwayne owes money to some very dodgy friends and youngest brother Mark is entangled in a doomed romance.  All three are on the edge of meltdown, and to cap it all, Daddy’s corpse is lying upstairs waiting to be buried – if they could afford the funeral.  There’s only one hope left, they must find the legendary Lost Dutchman’s gold mine on Superstition Mountain.

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Quizzy Rascals

Tue 08 - Wed 09 Nov 2022

Once a month the Barbican Legends host a pub quiz in the Fisherman’s Arms on Lambhay St but in November the quiz is moving to TRP! QUIZZY RASCALS is a riotous night of storytelling, performance and quiz that celebrates the Barbican in Plymouth and the wonderful people that call it home. Theatre Royal Plymouth have been collaborating with Plymouth Community Homes and the Barbican Legends since 2020 and are proud to present this co-created new interactive show.

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DESTINY main image Credit Paul Blakemore


Fri 11 - Sat 12 Nov 2022

A “captivating” ( ★★★★ The Guardian) show that follows a teenage girl growing up on a Chippenham council estate. Born below the breadline, she’s desperate to see beyond the neighbourhood and find hope in hopelessness.

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Orphan Planet

Mon 14 - Tue 15 Nov 2022

Orphan planet is an autobiographical Theatre piece combining real stories, once lost/now found family footage and space exploration. All to try and answer the question of how to live with grief. What would you want to be remembered by?

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Four Seasons

Thu 17 - Sat 19 Nov 2022

James Wilton Dance, one of Europe’s most in demand dance companies, presents The Four Seasons. The work features the companies signature blend of capoeira, acrobatics, martial arts and classical dance, alongside stunning stage and costume designs. This abstract, yet honestly human choreography relates each of the four seasons of the musical composition to the four stages of the universe.

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24 Nov–14 Jan 2023

In this adaptation of Pinocchio expect the classic elements of the story – a poor woodcarver, the tell-tale growing nose, the dream of becoming a real boy – combined with Stuff and Nonsense’s hallmark hilarity, skilled puppetry, original music, fantastic staging, outstanding performers and extraordinary physical tricks.


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What's On

Is That A Bolt In Your Neck?

06 Dec – 24 Dec 2022

Inspired by gothic horror movie classics of the 1930’S, IS THAT BOLT IN YOUR NECK? is a fast-paced, rollicking ride mixing spooky paranoia, surreal nightmare and frantic farce. Suitable for audiences from ages 8 to 80, the show is packed full of hilarious slapstick, verbal wit, and magical illusion.


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The Lab

Hedda 2000x1250


06 Dec–07 Dec 2022

HEDDA by Eve Allin is a reimagining of a story as old as time, of a woman trapped in her house, in her body, desperate to break out.


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Who Cares Now

08 Dec–09 Dec 2022

Join Izzy in her chaotic confessional of working in care over the last few years.

Told through a mix of stand-up, visual storytelling and lairy voice notes sent to her housemates during her breaks. This explosion of energy is for anybody who has lost a job, found a job and cares for the vulnerable people in their life.


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My Dad and Other Lies

10 Dec 2022

Her Dad is rapidly losing his relevance, but Charlotte Johnson is here to reclaim hers. In an hour of silly character driven comedy, Charlotte Johnson proves that she’s more than just her good surname.


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web-whats-on-image-2000px x 1250px

The Dissent

13 Dec–14 Dec 2022

A young woman has fallen from the sky to her death. In a trial to determine where she will spend eternity, Icarus is forced to examine the events which led to her flight and defend her choices. But how can she give her defence when history, the justice system and language itself is not designed for women?


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Contraband Sandwich

15 Dec–16 Dec 2022

Contraband Sandwich playfully re-imagines the moments surrounding John Young’s smuggling of a corned beef sandwich onto the Gemini 3 rocket and the consequences that followed. Whilst exploring the inherent comedy of an official hearing revolving around a sandwich in space, the piece reflects on the manipulation of public focus and the distance between decision makers and the consequences of their policies.


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My project-1 (40)

The Lab Double Bill

17 Dec 2022

A vibrant showcase of new work that is being developed right now by local theatre makers.

We will be presenting two brand new work-in-progress sharings from exciting artists who are based in Plymouth.


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