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The Lab December Season

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The Lab is Theatre Royal Plymouth’s smallest space and a place for exploration and experimentation. Our Talent Development Programme seeks to support the most exciting artists, companies and creatives in making the theatre of tomorrow.

This Winter we’re thrilled to present six exceptional new shows from some incredible talent. Don’t miss them! Tickets from £7.



Who Cares Now

08 Dec–09 Dec 2022

Join Izzy in her chaotic confessional of working in care over the last few years.

Told through a mix of stand-up, visual storytelling and lairy voice notes sent to her housemates during her breaks. This explosion of energy is for anybody who has lost a job, found a job and cares for the vulnerable people in their life.

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My Dad and Other Lies

10 Dec 2022

Her Dad is rapidly losing his relevance, but Charlotte Johnson is here to reclaim hers. In an hour of silly character driven comedy, Charlotte Johnson proves that she’s more than just her good surname.

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The Dissent

13 Dec–14 Dec 2022

A young woman has fallen from the sky to her death. In a trial to determine where she will spend eternity, Icarus is forced to examine the events which led to her flight and defend her choices. But how can she give her defence when history, the justice system and language itself is not designed for women?

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Contraband Sandwich

15 Dec–16 Dec 2022

Contraband Sandwich playfully re-imagines the moments surrounding John Young’s smuggling of a corned beef sandwich onto the Gemini 3 rocket and the consequences that followed. Whilst exploring the inherent comedy of an official hearing revolving around a sandwich in space, the piece reflects on the manipulation of public focus and the distance between decision makers and the consequences of their policies.

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The Lab Double Bill

17 Dec 2022

A vibrant showcase of new work that is being developed right now by local theatre makers.

We will be presenting two brand new work-in-progress sharings from exciting artists who are based in Plymouth.

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