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The Parent Show

Things I hope I inherit: Kindness. Eyes. Soul. Work ethic. Brains. Hair colour. Mum’s fashion sense. Shoes. Clothes. Jewellery. Natural talents. 

Things I hope I don’t inherit: Grey hairs. Coats. Singing / dancing ability. Stubbornness. Dislike of animals. Fascination with Eastenders. Dad’s fashion sense. His hairstyle (or lack thereof). 

Join TRP’s Young Company as we ride out the 80s, 90s, and everything since, in an attempt to find out who our parents were, before they had us.

This will be a devised show, directed by Nicole Redfern. The production will take place 25-27th August 2022 in The Drum. This opportunity is open to ages 14-21.

Please note: This play will involve the company exploring personal stories about their parents/carers, it’s essential that they are happy to share their stories with us and for them to be shared on stage.

Auditions will be held on  22nd of June.

You will take part in a group workshop lasting approximately 1 hour. We will then see everyone individually and we will ask you to prepare a short task which we will send you when you sign up for the audition.

If you would like to audition please complete the form below.  We will contact you with the exact time and date of your audition the following week.

Please see the rehearsal schedule here. Please check carefully that you can make all of the rehearsals and performances. Rehearsals will mostly take place at TR2.

ASM / DSM We’ll be looking for several Assistant or Deputy Stage Managers to be involved in supporting rehearsals and the production process. These roles will be of real value, working with our professional Stage Manager, so we’re keen to find candidates who are patient, hard-working and have an interest in learning more about what goes on backstage.

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