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Our Space

During these difficult times we have been holding weekly virtual Our Space meetings on Zoom. During these sessions we are working on creative writing, audio recordings, vocal work and poetry. Just as importantly we are giving everyone a place to keep in touch with other members and continue to build their friendships and support systems through this work.

The sessions have really been lifting everyone’s mood, and we have now been able to provide a digital space using Basecamp for creative exchanges in between sessions which has created a wonderful sense of community and a creative hub with people sharing and uploading poetry, writing, photos, videos, drawings and songs on a daily basis. Some feedback we have had from participants includes:

It’s great fun, makes you feel like a child again. It has lifted my mood.

This is a natural antidepressant.

What’s actually exciting about lockdown is it’s making us think differently and getting people like me used to technology.

It’s good, definitely been good for me so far.


Our Space is a creative programme that works with adults with multiple and complex needs. Members come from all walks of life and may have faced challenges involving homelessness, mental health issues, re-offending, substance misuse, or they may feel isolated for other reasons. This group group offers people a place to build skills and friendships, and we are committed to making sure that we can continue to provide this and our support.

Tara’s Getty Challenge


Toni’s Model Box



Tara's Getty Art Challenge
Toni's Model Box

GROW Care Packages

We have worked with Little Green Window to provide plant-growing care packages to Our Space members. These packages include packets of microgreen seeds, planting trays, soil, measuring beakers, instructional booklet, and recipes! Plus, we added in personalised postcards from our workshop practitioners Jade and Lee. Our Spaces members have loved them and have started using what they have grown already! A big thank you to Marie and everyone at Little Green Window for providing these wonderful packages.


Creative Care Packages

Our teams have been looking at ways we can still engage with our members during the time the theatre is closed. We have been looking at ways to stay connected and utilise technology, but we needed to consider that not everyone has access to the internet.

So for the past few weeks we have been sending Weekly Creative Care Packages through the post to our Dare to Dazzle group.

Each package contains a weekly creative task, a practice creative resource, a weekly newsletter, a script extract and letters/notes as part of our Dare to Dazzle pen pal service.

We led our first Zoom workshop for the programme last week which went really well. The care packages have had some amazing feedback and are keeping everyone busy and connected.

In the Engagement & Learning team, we pride ourselves and our programmes on being accessible and inclusive. This difficult time has posed new challenges but we are thrilled to be able to continue to keep in touch with our group and make sure everyone is continuing to feel connected and happy.


Can you pin point places in and around Plymouth that are special to you? Or hold memories.

Family Board Game

Can you use the game to find out more about your family members?

Rainbow Mobile

Make your own arts & crafts rainbow mobile with simple instructions!

Mini TRP

Can you use your theatre to tell a story?

Lockdown Times

Can you create a newspaper report on ANYTHING? You can write, draw or act out your breaking story!

Curly Paper Birds

Create your own paper strip bird to display!

Grass Person

Combine nature, arts and craft together and make your own real life growing grass head person!

Tin Art

Create your very own tin ornament for fun!

Butterfly Feeder

Give your garden butterflies a treat with this easy creation!