Funky Llama's as fresh as ever


Lockdown Llamas

Each week we have been running weekly Funky Llama Steering Group sessions, something that started out as a wellbeing check-in has grown and turned our attention towards what we want to say at this time and creative activities for our members to engage with.

It has been amazing to hear all the conversations about how lockdown and isolation is something many disabled people deal with in everyday life and the great strategies and advice they have for coping.

Talking about how the world has become so much more accessible now that it has been forced to, with virtual tours online, free theatre streams and so much more. There is hope that thinking in a more far reaching and accessible way will continue after this challenging period is over.

We are in the process of setting up a weekly creative session for all our members on Zoom and we can’t wait to share how the first session goes in the coming weeks.

FL Olivia

Hello, my name is Olivia Frost and I am 24 years old. I have been part of Funky Llama for about four years now, my involvement is broad, but I mainly like to get involved in doing access audits for venues in Devon and Cornwall. I have taken part in many workshops provided by Funky Llama to help develop my teaching skills so that I can teach and mentor others in my group.

I am very passionate about getting the word out and raising awareness about disability. I see disability as an advantage, as for me it means I have an ability to do things differently to others. I want to remove the stigma that disabled people “can’t do things”.

Funky Llama has helped me to grow as a person living with a new disability, showing me many positive avenues and pathways.

Funky Llama steering group meeting

We have such a fantastic range of people in the Funky Llama steering group!

During lockdown we have taken part in activities through meetings each week on Zoom where we spend about an hour checking in, taking part in creative and thinking exercises and working on a plan for a project to give others an insight into ways they can cope whilst in isolation. We are also planning to host our own quiz and bingo socials for Funky Llama members over the next few weeks!

Many members of Funky Llama have spent years in isolation due to our disabilities and the lack of accessible opportunities, this is a big thing for me and Funky Llama is helping to change this, but I see the lockdown as an opportunity for the rest of the world to learn from this time and think about access differently in the future.

Olivia Frost