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Birmingham Royal Ballet's Cinderella

  • Socially Distanced

Birmingham Royal Ballet's Cinderella

  • Socially Distanced
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Sir David Bintley’s enchanting fairytale is a glorious celebration of ballet, with breathtaking designs by the designer of Birmingham Royal Ballet’s famous Nutcracker.

Cinderella’s life with her cruel stepmother and stepsisters is one of drudgery and hardship until the evening of an extravagant party at the palace. With the help of her Fairy Godmother, she’s the centre of attention when she arrives at the ball in a magical coach, wearing a gorgeous gown.

Cinderella captures every imagination with its sure-fire mix of wonderful dance, spectacular scenery, and a cast of characters that includes mice, lizards, and even a dancing frog.

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  • Socially Distanced

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2hrs 15mins (approx.)

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It’s a visually attractive crowd-pleaser that will draw families back to the live theatre.

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The feelings fairy tales trigger inside us tend to be elemental, and they can strike deep

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The stars sparkle, fantasy and reality collide.

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