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Orphan Planet

Orphan Planet

This event has passed.
My project (12)

Did anyone ever ask you… when you were a child? ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’. See, I never had an answer. Did anyone here ever want to be an Astronaut?”

Danny is thinking about Space.
Danny is thinking about Messages.
Danny is thinking about Death.
In 2014 Danny was given a box from across time.
Now It’s time to see what is inside.

Orphan planet is an autobiographical Theatre piece combining real stories, once lost/now found family footage and space exploration. All to try and answer the question of how to live with grief.
What would you want to be remembered by?

Important information

Age guidance: 14+
Trigger warning: Conversations around death and grief some may find upsetting.

Run time: Approx 60 min