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This event has passed.
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Have we forgotten how to socialise? During the past 18 months we’ve all had to avoid human interaction.

Here at Kill The Cat HQ we’ve been examining the human population and reckon we all need a little help re-adjusting, so, don’t worry we’re here to help: prepare yourself for a once in a lifetime “social” event. TALK is a social-scientific-experimental-game-show-installation-theatre-extravaganza.

The Kill The Cat “scientists” will guide you through this unique interactive installation, a treasure hunt of communication – make a pot of tea, paint a portrait, share memories, dress-up in cardboard armour and there’s a few surprises along the way, some pops and bangs and mad cap fun.

(full disclosure, for legal reasons, this is in no way scientific but it will get us all talking again – probably)

Developed and supported by Arts Council England, Hall for Cornwall, intoBodmin, Feast, Theatre Deli and Cornwall Council.

Created by Dylan Frankland & Madeleine Allardice

Producer: Turtle Key Arts

Design: Erin Guan

Script & Dramaturgy for Experiments 3 + 5: Chris White

Dramaturgy during R&D: Eoin McAndrew, Myriddin Pharo and Keir Cooper

Accessibility Consultant: Kellan Frankland

Trailer: Michael Lynch

Important information

Run time: 90 min

Age guidance: 16+