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Laura Horton and Theatre Royal Plymouth present Breathless

What happens when the things we covet hide us from ourselves? Opening up to new experiences in her late-thirties, Sophie is exploring long repressed sides of herself. When a secret she’s keeping from those she loves, and even from herself, threatens to unravel it all, she has to make a choice. Who or what will she decide to give up?

Breathless is a funny, honest and stylish exploration of the knife-edge of hoarding, from the joy to the addiction and suffocating shame. From Laura Horton, Plymouth Laureate of Words, own experience of clothes hoarding.


A post-show talk will take place on Sat 23 July, where we will be joined by Kimi Gordon.

Kimi works for National charity, HoardingUK, as their Advocacy Team Leader and Peer Mentor. She is someone who has lived in a hoarded home previously and knows what it’s like to spend DAYS getting her home ready for a single visit from friends or family. Kimi’s dream is to have hoarding properly managed by the NHS and Adult Social Care, so her job and charity are entirely redundant! She campaigns through her work for people with hoarding behavior to receive care in a fair and humane way, maintaining their choice, dignity & control throughout.

Important information

Running time:
60 min approx

Age guideline:

This show contains strong language.

Post-show talk: Sat 23 July with Kimi Gordon, the Advocacy Team Leader for Hoarding UK