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In The Lady Garden

In The Lady Garden

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In The lady garden (3)


Written by Babs Horton

Directed by Deborah Edgington

Alone in a police cell 69-year old Alice looks back on her life and wonders what might have been.

IF only she hadn’t been expelled from convent school.

IF only she hadn’t ended up in the Pie Factory.

IF only she hadn’t had sex with Keith from the sausage rolls section. She might have had an exciting life. Made something of herself.

Alice thinks life is full of mysteries  – the menopause, bikini waxing, multiple orgasms, social media, sexuality and Sylvia Plath.

If she ever gets out will Alice shake off the shackles of the patriarchy and live out the rest of her days with outrageous abandon?

Find out in this rip-roaring comedy which will have you crying with laughter.


Important information

Running time:
90 min approx

Age guideline:

Trigger Warnings: Some bad language and talk about sex. No nudity.

Alludes to flashers and sexual assault.