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Contraband Sandwich

Contraband Sandwich

15 Dec–16 Dec 2022

The Lab

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Thu 15 Dec
8:00 pm
Fri 16 Dec
8:00 pm
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In 1965 there was a hearing like no other.
Astronaut John Young smuggled a sandwich into space.
And NASA was pissed.
Just like NASA, we will be asking why.


Contraband Sandwich playfully re-imagines the moments surrounding John Young’s smuggling of a corned beef sandwich onto the Gemini 3 rocket and the consequences that followed. Whilst exploring the inherent comedy of an official hearing revolving around a sandwich in space, the piece reflects on the manipulation of public focus and the distance between decision makers and the consequences of their policies.


This show is chaotic, comedic and historically accurate (ok… it’s not exactly “accurate”). Be prepared to embrace the ridiculous, lots of space puns and a surprising amount of tin foil.


This performance is part of our Autumn season in The Lab.

The Lab is Theatre Royal Plymouth’s smallest space and a place for exploration and experimentation. Our Talent Development Programme seeks to support the most exciting artists, companies and creatives in making the theatre of tomorrow.

Important information


Running time:
40 min approx

Trigger warning: Flashing lights, loud noise, use of food on stage