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Better Times Inc

Better Times Inc

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Better Times 770

Where would you explore if the world gave you a door?

It’s 2054. Why travel abroad when you can travel in time?

Welcome to Better Times Inc, the UK’s most luxurious time travel agency.

After scouting the 16th Century for a marketing pitch, George returns to the present only to realise she’s brought someone with her: Hester, a character too eccentric even for the court of Queen Mary.

Bittersweet, wacky, and full of charm, Better Times Inc is a bold vision of love, self-acceptance, and finding your voice in a cacophony of thousands, blending elements of history, sci-fi, and Shakespearean comedy.

Fishwives Theatre Company is a group of eco-conscious theatre-makers from the South West that explores elements of history, sci-fi, and Shakespearean comedy. They are Theatre Royal Plymouth’s Lab Company 2022/2023.

Important information

Running time:
1 hour 10 min approx

Content warning: Strong Language, flashing lights, loud music, mild threat, conversation about climate change