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Breakin' Convention

Breakin' Convention


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Breakin Convention

Breakin’ Convention, the world’s ground-breaking festival of hip hop dance theatre, is back with a fresh new line up! Expect jaw-dropping and inspiring performances from internationally celebrated poppers, lockers, b-boys and b-girls in a festival that showcases local talent alongside global sensations.

This year’s touring acts comprise world champion b-boys Jinjo Crew from South Korea; kaleidoscopic tutting and popping from France’s Géométrie Variable; and a one-of-a-kind blend of contemporary and street dance from the UK’s Spoken Movement. Local acts include Street Factory, The Groovement Project, Studio 4, Rhythm City, Jordan Dunn, Perry Johnson, Ben Peters and Leo Walker. Plus a special guest performance from Max Revell – local popper and winner of BBC Young Dancer 2019.

Hosted and curated by UK hip hop theatre legend and Breakin’ Convention Artistic Director Jonzi D, the festival features DJs, graffiti artists and freestyle sessions taking place all over the building before, during and after the show!

Breakin’ Convention is an integral part of Sadler’s Wells artistic programme.

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Enjoy live music played by DJs XL and Super Dixon, playing everything from the funkiest old
school breaks to Afrobeats, Afro house and reggaeton, joined by MCs Straight Up Jacob
and Paul Lacey hyping up the crowd.

In the foyers, graffiti artists Jon Lilly will be creating a mural dedicated to the four pillars of
hip hop, while illustrator SAM.I.AM creates a live illustration of Breakin’ Convention.
Celebrations continue throughout the interval with Breakin’ Convention host and rep Toby G
leading the dance cyphers and opening up the circles with easy to follow social dances.
Arrive early for the full experience. Line-up subject to change.

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Line up

Tue 12 May 

Hosted by Jonzi D & Toby G 

The Groovement Project (UK) 

Leo Walker (UK) 

Jordan Dunn (UK) 

Street Factory (UK) 

Spoken Movement (UK) 

Geometrie Variable (France) 

Jinjo Crew (South Korea) 


Wed 13 May

Hosted by Jonzi D & Toby G 

Studio 4 (UK) 

Ben Peters (UK) 

Perry Johnson (UK) 

Rhythm City (UK) 

Spoken Movement (UK) 

Geometrie Variable (France) 

Jinjo Crew (South Korea)