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Ace is 22, trans, queer and sofa surfing – currently – just for now – only at the moment!

They’ve actually just sorted out sofa number 13.  

To keep a sofa requires you to act small, smiling, and polite. But no one is perfect and eventually everyone messes up – which would be a lot easier for Ace if they weren’t also unexpectedly growing fluffy ears, and a tiny tail!  

It turns out people pleasing has a price and there’s only one place left for Ace to go… 

A celebration of queer community, full of heart, youth and pan pipes.

Important information

Running time:
80 mins (no interval)

Age guideline:

Post-Show Talk: Tuesday 2nd May

Please note, the Captioned performance will take place on Tue 02 May and will be provided by Cardboard Citizens with the Mobile Captioning System, ‘Difference Engine’. Click here to learn how to download and use.

The show contains adult themes, strong language, sexual references, and references to homelessness and family estrangement.




Vinnie Heaven, Writer

Debbie Hannan, Director

Audience Reactions

Production Trailer