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LABstonbury: Who Cares?

LABstonbury: Who Cares?

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Part of our LABstonbury week-long festival of new shows from The Lab Company!

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Written and performed by Isabel Flynn
Dramaturg: Amy Fawcett

March 2020 happens and Izzy is back on the job hunt. After navigating the dramas of temporary jobs at Amazon and Dominoes, she eventually settles in a job working in domiciliary care. In keeping with her oblivious nature, she’s surprised to find out it’s a bit more than wiping bums and making your Nan a cup of tea in the morning.

From discussing the quality of the male anatomy on Naked Attraction with her favourite client, 89-year-old Joan. To holding someone’s hand through their Dad’s last moments.  Join Izzy in her chaotic confessional of working in care over the last year.

Told through a mix of stand-up, visual storytelling, and lairy voice notes sent to her housemates during her breaks. This explosion of energy is for anybody who has lost a job, found a job, or cares about the vulnerable people in their life.

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