PC DRAMA 18+ yrs (Evening, Second half of term)

PC DRAMA 18+ yrs (Evening, Second half of term)

Tuesdays 19:15 - 21:15


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Tue 7 Jun
7:15 pm

People’s Company Drama 18 + (Evening)

Our People’s Company courses are now open to non-members. Discover and explore a range of professional rehearsal techniques and performance skills with energetic and creative sessions designed to fire up the imagination, build confidence and enable you to just have fun.

Term Dates
5 week course w/c 06.06.22 – w/e 10.07.2022

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If you have any questions please get in touch via email peoplescompany@theatreroyal.com

These sessions will explore the creation of original performance using the stimulus of lived experience. Led by Voodoo Monkeys, Lee Hart and Jason Brownlee, participants will discover techniques, methodologies, and the underpinning principles which the company adopted in the making of ‘Today I Killed My Very First Bird’. Participants will use this to create a 2-3 minute seedling of a unique piece of theatre.

This will culminate in the sharing of that work and the opportunity to see ‘Today I Killed My Very First Bird’ previewed in the Drum theatre before it transfers to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Important information

£35 per 5 week term

Production and Learning Centre, TR2