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Rambert Summer Livestream

Double Bill

  • Digital Live Stream

Rambert Summer Livestream

Double Bill

  • Digital Live Stream
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Rambert Summer Livestream



This is a Digital Live Stream

Performances are live and must be viewed at the time of the purchased performance.
The performance will be streamed live on Rambert Home Studio.

Instructions on how to watch the Rambert Summer Livestreams once you’ve purchased your ticket


Following the success of Rambert’s first real-time digital live stream on Rambert Home Studio in September 2020, they’re continuing to live stream online performance throughout 2021.


Rambert Summer Livestream

by Marne van Opstal and Imre van Opstal

Our body is the vessel with which we experience the physical world, and it houses our deepest instinctive parts. It’s where we feel pleasure and love, judge and destroy, bleed and smile.

Since David and Venus, we’ve put the human body on the highest pedestal, shaping and perpetuating an unattainable beauty standard.  Through this distorted lens of beauty, our natural form has been sexualised, demonised and sometimes shamed into a taboo.

Why is the naked body offensive? Does it hold a political charge? Are we not more than meets the eye?


by Marion Motin

Marion Motin’s choreography for Dua Lipa (IDGAF) and Christine and the Queens (Christine, Tilted) has a quirky hip hop vibe. Rouge is what happened when we invited pop’s coolest choreographer to work with Rambert’s daring dancers. Now she’s back in the studio re-making Rouge with a new cinematographic twist.


Rather than performing a straight show on a stage and film it for you, we’re discovering making shows knowing there’ll be cameras involved from the get-go opens up a whole world of adventure. So, these are not (just) high-quality broadcasts; we’re exploring cinematography integrated with live performance, to land you right into the middle of the action. We’re aiming for an audience experience we could never achieve in a theatre.

This performance is LIVE

This performance is happening in real time, it is not pre-recorded. You don’t have to leave your home but while you take your seat on your sofa, Rambert’s dancers (and cameras) will be warming up and preparing to perform. We’d hate you to be late and it be over.

Please note that alongside 12pm and 8pm performances, the performance schedule intentionally includes one 1am performance for the convenience of Rambert’s audiences in the Americas. You’re more welcome to book this time if you so choose, but just be aware that the time isn’t an error – this performance will take place after midnight!

Good to know: safety of Rambert dancers

Before the creation process, the entire Rambert company, artists, production and technical teams were tested for COVID. Having been given the all-clear, dancers were allocated to bubbles (some already share a household). Rambert have gone over and above required guidelines to make sure teams are kept safe and well and conditions are carefully controlled within Rambert’s own studio environment. Testing takes place twice weekly; breaks are staggered; we follow markings on the floor; the washrooms even have names on. These measures mean that when we perform the show, you will see some dancers in close contact but they will have been working solely with dancers in this bubble.

Important information

Event type:

  • Digital Live Stream

Age guideline:

Please note: The first of these two pieces may not be suitable for unaccompanied children under 15. The piece confronts questions around body image and the dancers perform dressed in silicon “nude suits” (minus visible genitalia), giving the impression of nudity while being fully covered.