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Solo Voices: FACIAL

Solo Voices: FACIAL

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Written and performed by Chris White
Music by Hal Kelly

Rob is a New York cop with a dark past. Debbie is a woman troubled by strange visions about the future. Neither of them are in this show.

It’s just Chris. Chris is a poet. His poems once got described as “pulling at the loose threads of life to see how quickly it can all unravel.”

He likes that.

He’s doing some poems. He’s hoping to pull. There’s no structure. No sense. No strings attached.

He’s slicing off his own façade bit by wobbly bit, beginning with his nose, and asking some important questions, like ‘Do you think you could live without a face?’

Combining poetry, story-telling & stand-up, Facial is a dark spoken-word comedy about twix bars, eyebrows, lips, & everything that makes us human. From submerging artist Chris White. With music by Hal Kelly.


Post Show Performances on Thursday 19 May:

Hoodie by Jacob Earley: Hoodie is a spoken word piece, accompanied by a musical soundscape, outlining the stigma and misconceptions associated with wearing a hoodie in a public setting.

Fluid by Kane John Mills: Fluid is a commentary on messiness, exclusion, violence and fragility – a poem that looks at love in all of its forms.

Womanhood Came by Mimi Jones: Womanhood Came is an emotional exploration of the mind and womb as a sad young girl does her best to separate the two

Important information

Running time:
60 minutes (no interval)

Age guideline:
14+ (some bad language)

Post-show performances on Thu 19 May will finish at approx 9:15pm.

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