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Solo Voices: Plymouth Conservatoire

Solo Voices: Plymouth Conservatoire

This event has passed.
One of a kind

Solo Voices is a micro-festival, showcasing bold and distinctive new work. Two weeks of brilliant new shows celebrating the power of one person performance. Solo Voices will include four shows in the Drum theatre and three showcase performances made by students from the Plymouth Conservatoire in the Lab.


Thursday 19 May

BROTHER & I by Toby Hall

My big brother always seemed perfect. I am now very aware that he was not. Life stuck between Southend On Sea and Chelmsford featuring a FIFA Celebration playlist.

GHOST SISTER by Jordon Hawthorne

After 13 years of being the eldest of three, the arrival of a ghost sister shakes up the dynamic of an entire family.


Friday 20 May


A thirteen year old girl alone a plane. She can see a rainstorm and lightning out of the window. The passengers are nervous but at that age she doesn’t know what death is and everything is funny.

THE UNAFFECTED by Rhys Crownshaw

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover – the truth about our preconceptions of disability laid bare using verbatim stories and experiences.

Important information

2000 x 1250