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Write Hear

New audioplays from Down Stage Write

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Write Hear

New audioplays from Down Stage Write

19 Jul – 15 Aug

  • Free Audioplays
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WRITE HEAR brings together 5 brand new audio plays by writers based in Devon and Cornwall

The plays take us from an airplane soaring over Canada to a lighthouse at the end of the world, from deep silences of loss to ear-splitting howls of anger. Sit back, listen and be transported into five unique worlds with five unique characters who have something they urgently want to tell you.

WRITE HEAR is part of ‘Write Up! 2021’ a 12-month programme of writer development and production from Down Stage Write supported by Arts Council England. For more information please visit:

For the best experience, we recommend listening with headphones.

No Home for a Kraken

While Lucy navigates the choppy waters of early motherhood, somewhere in the depths a Kraken stirs.

By Candlelight

Bobby and Evelyne have been together for fifty years. Now she is gone, but are they really apart?

Wild Woman Wolf Child 4th

The cleaning of someone else’s Cornish second home is nearly done. And Wild Woman Wolf Child the 4th wants to rant. So brace yourselves my sweets.


A lighthouse off the coast of Argentina seems the perfect place for a man trying to get away from the past, but it turns out he’s not entirely alone...

Fly Girl

Mack always dreamed of flying and now pilots planes for search and rescue but today she is going to find something more than a missing person.