Workshop Safety Information Page (COVID-19)

We can’t wait to welcome you back to our Production and Learning Centre, TR2! It’s so important to us that you and our practitioners feel safe when you are taking part in our sessions and are in any of our buildings, so we’ve put some safety measures in place and explained them below.

IMPORTANT: If you or anyone in your household are displaying symptoms of Covid-19 Coronavirus or have been advised to self-isolate, please do not attend any of our sessions/ workshops- seek medical advice. Please let us know if you develop any symptoms with 14 days of attending a session with us.

We’ve got a really cool device that measures your core body temperature. We’ll be using this to check everyone’s temperature on arrival before entering the spaces.

  • When you arrive or are being dropped off, please wait outside the building (socially distancing) until it’s safe for us to check your temperature and invite you into the space. We’ll only be inviting participants into the building.
  • We want to ensure everyone is safe and socially distanced during our sessions, so we’ve marked out each room so that each participant has their own space- at least 2 meters from other participants.
  • We’ve got lots of hand sanitiser throughout the building and workshop spaces- Please clean your hands when you enter the building and leave, as well as, frequently throughout the sessions.
  • We’ll ensure all rooms are well ventilated with windows open, so please dress for the weather with layers, as winter is coming, it’s going to get chillier!
  • As always please bring your own water bottle/ drink with you to each session.
  • You can still use the toilets if you need to, each group will have access to a sperate toilet block, these will be cleaned regularly throughout the day.

Other measures

  • All our in-person sessions will take place at our Production and Learning Centre, TR2 in either Rehearsal Room 01 or the Green Room.
  • To limit the number of people using the building at the same time, all (in-person) activities will take place on a Saturday for the Autumn.
  • To ensure social distancing is maintained we will have reduced numbers in our groups this term: Up to 15 participants and 2 staff members in each session.
  • We want to ensure the spaces are cleaned between each session, so we’ve allowed 45 minutes for the spaces to be cleaned down ahead of the next group arriving.

NB: Should we go into a local lockdown or we are unable to use the building because of a Covid-19 case on-site, sessions will revert to online delivery.