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Young People

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The Key

This summer marks the 21st birthday of our Production & Learning Centre, TR2. Over the years, this building has seen the evolution of countless sets, productions and personal journeys, and we need your ideas for a new production: The Key.

Whether you are interested in Acting, Movement, Design or Musical Theatre we need your ideas in creating this brand-new production. Led by professional theatre directors, young people will try new things, make new friends and improve their theatre making skills. Join us in creating something magical this summer holiday.

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Dare to Dazzle

Dare to Dazzle

Dare to Dazzle is a drama group for children aged 7–11 from asylum seeker, refugee or migrant backgrounds. We use drama to explore identity, improve confidence, integration and enhance language skills.


The children’s end of term showback was great, it has inspired me to create an assembly with my class next week celebrating some of the things that make us different.



For more information about Dare to Dazzle, please contact us by email or phone on 07152 230375.

Tiny Tales

In these active weekly sessions, you and your child will explore well-known stories through creative play and unique theatrical storytelling.

My child, who is practically non-verbal, has started creating stories at home and re-enacting Tiny Tales stories.


Tiny Tales

TRP Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy

The welfare of the child is paramount. Theatre Royal Plymouth (TRP) are fully committed to ensuring that children attending our facilities (and those who are working with us in off-site locations) are protected and kept safe from harm in accordance with ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children, A Guide to Inter Agency Working to Safeguard and Promote the Welfare of Children’ (Updated 2019), and internal policies and operating procedures.

This policy was updated in February 2024 

Read the document here