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MA Acting Solo Showcase

MA Acting Solo Showcase

This event has passed.
Plymouth Conservatoire

The Ratman: An American Conspiracy in England: By Stavros Psycharis.

Plymouth, Devon, in the nearish future. A conspiracy theorist R, is convinced that something is stalking him everywhere he goes. Is he delusional or is there something more sinister behind the Ratman of Dartmoor?

Internal by Tony Bligh 

Which way to turn. Come and witness the trial of the closet camper. Is there a little bit of bi in all of us?

One More: A Modern Day Jekyll & Hyde By Luke M Brown

He is kind, helpful and looks out for people yet he is cruel, narcissistic and vile. What leads one man to this duel personality? Buy me a drink and I’ll tell you.


This solo showcase by MA Acting students is part of the University of Plymouth’s School of Performing Arts Mayfest, a celebration of theatre and performance.

Important information

Running time:
70 minutes

Age guideline:

Content warning: Strong language, loud music and noise.