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Gift Aid

Gift Aid is a scheme that allows charities to reclaim tax on a donation made by a UK taxpayer, which means your donations will be worth 25% more to us at no extra cost to you. If you Gift Aid your donations we can claim back from the government 25p for every £1 you donate to support Theatre Royal Plymouth.

This additional income really does make a big difference, so please don’t forget to complete a Gift Aid declaration for your donations if you are a UK taxpayer. It’s easy to do and will help keep great art and world-class theatre-going in the South West.

Gift Aid FAQs

Am I eligible?

UK taxpayers living anywhere in the world are eligible. However, you must have paid enough tax to cover the amount that all the charities you support would claim in Gift Aid in a tax year (6 April–5 April the following year). Even if you’re not employed, you’re still eligible for Gift Aid if you pay tax on any of the following:

  • a personal or occupational pension
  • bank or building society savings accounts
  • rental income
  • stocks and shares
  • UK and overseas investment dividends

Other taxes such as VAT and council tax do not apply. As the taxpayer, you’re responsible for checking your eligibility for Gift Aid as any tax shortfall is the responsibility of the tax payer, so please speak to your accountant or HMRC if you are unclear on how much tax you have paid.

How do I sign up?

Simply tick the box on the donation form, click the button above to download a form, or call our Box Office on 01752 267222

Can Gift Aid be claimed on tickets and meals?

Gift Aid can only be claimed on voluntary donations so we do not claim Gift Aid for tickets, or any programmes, food or drinks that we sell.

How long does the declaration last?

Your Gift Aid declaration will remain in effect until you let us know that your circumstances have changed.

How do I change my Gift Aid status?

You can cancel or change your Gift Aid declaration at any time by emailing or calling our Box Office on 01752 267222.

Please let us know of any change in name or address so that we can keep our records correct and up to date.

What if I am a higher-rate taxpayer?

As a higher rate taxpayer, when you donate the charity will claim against your donation at the basic rate of tax (currently 20%) However, the good news is you can claim the difference between the rate you pay and basic rate on your donation. It’s the same if you live in Scotland.

All you need to do is complete the charitable giving section on your self-assessment tax form.


You donate £100 to charity – they claim Gift Aid to make your donation £125. You pay 40% tax so you can personally claim back £25.00 (£125 x 20%).

If you don’t have to send a tax return, contact HMRC and ask for a P810 form. You’ll need to submit it by 31st January after the end of the previous tax year.