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Blog: My Acting Up Experience

Acting Up

By: Wendy Sheard, TRP Blogger

July 2023


Acting Up: an invitation to meet this amazing group was too good to miss. I was curious and wanted to know more; where, who, why? And so I headed to Theatre Royal Plymouth to explore and discover.

Well, the first two were easy;

Where: The Lab, Theatre Royal Plymouth

Who: anyone aged over 50 [now I know why I was invited]

Why? Well, this is a marvellous group of people who come together each and every week to create small productions and pieces of theatre.

The group is led by Becky and Caitlyn, who each have amazing skills and expertise as well as a deep and passionate love of theatre which enables this happy band to explore and express themselves in ways which go far beyond simply performing. It has created strong bonds, formed friendships, increased self-esteem, confidence, and self-belief. Now we all need some of that!

The atmosphere was wonderful, it was filled to the brim with joy and happiness. Smiles and laughter could be seen and heard in every corner as people said hello and caught up with each other over a quick cuppa before the session started.

Talking to the members of the group was simply inspiring, a real privilege. Many had been attending since the group was established, others were newbies, some had come along with a friend and couldn’t keep away, I can see why! There was a sense of togetherness, a richness which wisdom brings, overarched by the caring and supporting of each other. It was fun, enjoyable, and a really refreshing way to spend time with my contemporaries.

Everyone clearly has a shared love of performing, writing, acting and simply creating something magical as a collective. The group are currently working on a performance which will be the ‘curtain raiser’ for the forthcoming People’s Company Platform (6th/7th July 2023) in The Drum. The piece is formed from the concept of postcards to share news and will be performed as solo recorded audios, as well as in groups of twos and threes. I can’t wait to see them in action.

The practice and rehearsals got underway, with Becky and Caitlyn helping, advising, supporting and encouraging. There was even the first run through of the performance which although is far from finished, is shaping up to be simply marvellous. The Acting Up performers remember and reminisce, with each element linking to the next; it’s funny, sad, poignant and above all honest.

The session finished with a one-word reflection from everyone and so I thought I’d do the same:


A – Amazing

C – Caring

T – Talented

I – Inspiring

N – Nurturing

G – Great


U – Unique

P – Performances



The over 50s are often referred to as ‘silver surfers’ but the Acting Up group is pure gold!

Find out more about Acting Up.

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