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Review: Godot is a Woman

Godot Is A Woman

By: Thomas George, TRP Reviewer


In 1953, Jean Anouilh’s review of Waiting for Godot read ‘Nothing happens, nobody comes, nobody goes, it is terrible’.

It is 2023 and my review of Godot is a Woman is “Everything happens, everybody should come, everybody leaves mesmerised, it is terribly fantastic”.

Godot is a Woman by Silent Faces is side-splittingly and eye-openingly funny, rawly emotional and splendidly gripping. Josie Underwood (She/Her), Cordelia Stevenson (She/Her) and Jack Wakely (They/Them) have created and performed a masterpiece of theatre that takes a classic production by an iconic playwright (Samuel Beckett) and highlights how the world we live in has changed since it was wrote. Through their delightful clowning, they highlight the feminist movement over the last 30 years; providing a solid case for change from the Beckett estate to re-think the ban on Waiting for Godot to only be performed by Male actors.

Not only do the group deliver an important message, but they entertain us. The audience is gripped from the opening second. Their foolish clowning, silly dancing, and their evident performance chemistry shines brightly. It is clear why they were a success at Edinburgh Fringe.

Theatrically they deliver a delight, a sublime structure taking influence from Beckett’s text and using elements of his most recognisable work, they create the perfect parody. If you love Beckett’s work you will be in for a treat, if you don’t like his work, you will still be in for a treat. Silent Faces find the balance between respecting the Father of Absurdism and making light of his work. It is amazing work from the whole creative team, including the effective and beautiful direction of Laura Killeen and cast member Cordelia Stevenson, the lighting design by Jo Palmer is also worth a mention framing the work powerfully.

They deliver a stupidly perfect piece of theatre, that keeps the essence of Waiting for Godot – a production where nothing happens, but a lot is seen. If you have a free evening and want a night out, you won’t be disappointed, and you will have a right laugh. Only in The Drum (Theatre Royal Plymouth) until Saturday 17th.

Godot is a Woman is on tour, with upcoming performances at the Tobacco factory, Bristol (28-1st July) and Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh (16th Aug – 27th August)


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