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Playhouse Primary Partnership 2023/24



Playhouse is a national partnership project between York Theatre Royal, Theatre Iolo & Theatre Royal Plymouth.

As part of this project we’re able to provide a tailor-made programme of additional support for the whole school including staff training, workshops and performance opportunities. The Primary Partnership package is priced at £500.00 for the current academic year. Our Enhanced Partnership package, which includes full day of Oracy Creative Professional Development Training for teaching staff, is priced at £800. This is a project for Key Stage 2.


Partnership details

Enhanced Partnership details

For Children:

The process is proven to be transformative to children’s learning. By performing in high quality, age-appropriate scripts, children develop their acting and oracy skills, and gain a growth mindset towards mistakes, practicing and rehearsing.

Through immersing themselves in the world of theatre, children have fun as they gain knowledge and skills that help them understand how a play is brought to life. Even for those children who are initially apprehensive, the project helps them contextualise and overcome uncomfortable feelings, such as shyness and worry, and provides them with a sense of achievement and fulfilment. As a direct result of taking part in the project, children grow in knowledge, skills and confidence.

In bringing their characters to life, children are able to have heartfelt, authentic conversations about big issues in the world today and learn to express themselves freely as they experience the joy of theatre.

For Teachers & Schools:

The easy to deliver and realistic nature of the Playhouse project ensures a cost-effective project for teachers and schools to produce.

Through this enriching and comprehensive CPD programme, teachers learn rehearsal and directing techniques, and develop the skills and confidence they need to bring drama into the classroom.

The Playhouse project boasts an unrivalled library of bespoke professional scripts appropriate for large classes of KS2. Teachers work with specially commissioned playwrights who develop plays that are relevant and topical to young people today.

Teachers feel empowered through practical support from the Playhouse team wo are committed to combatting the decline of drama teaching and provision in primary schools.

“Some children were pretty much mute before the project, and now they’re saying loads and loads of fantastic lines”


“It’s wonderful having a script that is designed for a class that is age appropriate”


Key facts about the Playhouse Primary Partnership

We’ll provide:

  • The opportunity for a KS2 class or after school group to perform a commissioned play from leading playwrights in The Drum Theatre at Theatre Royal Plymouth (This is our studio space seating around 150.)
  • Rehearsal time in our designated rehearsal rooms at our Production and Learning Centre, TR2/ in The Lab space at the Theatre Royal Plymouth
  • Access to professional support from directors and technicians throughout your rehearsal process
  • A fully digital CPD training opportunity (usually in March)- for the director of your play- delivered by professional playwrights, directors and facilitators
  • An in-person local CPD training opportunity to support the nominated director of your chosen play
  • A technical meeting with one of our Drum Technicians ahead of your performance
  • A Director visit to support you during the rehearsal process of your play

Signups for our July 2024 festival are now closed!

Applications to sign up for the July 2024 festival have now concluded, thank you to all who applied!

If you missed out this time around but would still be interested in taking part in the future, email to arrange a meeting/chat about getting involved in 2025.

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